900,000-Years-Old footprints discovered on Norfolk beach

Human footprints have been discovered on the north Norfolk coast which are thought to be nearly a million years old.

The footprints are thought to be around 900,000 years old. Credit: Paul Macro / ScanLAB Projects
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Discovered on Norfolk beach in 2019, the footprints in Europe could be 900,000 years old and scientists say they are believed to be the oldest footprints ever found outside Africa.

They were spotted on the beach at Happisburgh in May, but hidden by the sand and tide just a few days later.

An expert at the British Museum said: “The prints appear to be very similar to those discovered in 2013, and would be of a similar age – either 850,000 or possibly 950,000 years old. These are still the oldest outside Africa.”

Credit: Paul Macro / ScanLAB Projects

The Norfolk Museum Service said the footprints are probably made by Homo Antecessor, a more advanced form of Homo Erectus.

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