Marduk vs. Tiamat: Anunnaki Civil War

Marduk was the Babylonian god who reigned over the chaos of an Anunnaki war.

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Marduk was a giant Babylonian god “from another world”, he fought against the goddess Tiamat, who wanted to destroy the Earth and all the Anunnaki. His origin is mysterious, but apparently he was the son of Enki and he had surreal alien features: giant size, with two heads, four eyes, four ears, and radiating light.

Babylon came to reign after defeating Tiamat, a Draconian Anunnaki who wanted to destroy all gods and creation in war.

This deity does not appear in Sumerian mythology until the Acadian of the years 2,300 BC.

The Enuma Elish says that it was created in the Abzu, the Anunnaki’s underworld, this Babylonian text narrates that Marduk was born with two heads, four eyes, and four ears.

The text also described him as a giant and that he emitted light:

He [Ea or Enki] created him so perfectly that his divine head was double (…)
(…) Four were his eyes, four were his ears;
When his lips moved, the fire burned and radiated.
All four ears were huge.
And equally the eyes; the eyes perceived everything.
The tallest among the gods, his form was extraordinary.
his limbs were very long, its height was extraordinary.

In the years 1,700 A.C the city of Babylon greatly increased its power in Mesopotamia. There began the cult of Marduk as a divine ruler. For example, in the Temple of Esagila, he was worshiped with a large golden statue and the book Enuma Elish narrates a civil war of the Sumerian / Mesopotamian gods .

There were many disputes between the Kindred and Tiamat and Abzu, the primordial gods who wanted to destroy all their descendants due to “shocks”.

Due to the annihilation plan, Enki went on to kill Abzu.

Tiamat was a draconian/reptilian goddess and decided to take revenge for the murder of her consort. She created grotesque hybrids, 11 chimeras that carried weapons.

She also gave Kingu absolute universal power as he pierced the Tablets of Destiny. Anu couldn’t resist the battle against Tiamat and that’s when Anshar proposed Marduk as a warrior.

The god who possessed the Tablet of Destiny was considered supreme ruler by all others.

Marduk crafted a bow, arrows, a giant mallet, and an electric beam weapon. He also had the Imhullu, a weapon with technology to generate hurricane-force winds.

With all these weapons he managed to defeat Tiamat and later he was proclaimed king of the Anunnaki, possessing the Tablets of Destiny.

Then Marduk, from the deceased body of Tiamat, created the heavens and the Earth, and from the eyes of Tiamat gave rise to the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Likewise, from Kingu’s blood, Enki created human being. That is the myth of the creation of Babylon.

The Code of Hammurabi possibly describes that Anu and Enlil had given Marduk a type of Enlil aircraft, an “Enlil-ship” .

With all this epic history, we see that Marduk was an influential god who resided in Babylon some 3,800 years ago, and the war against Tiamat is an important story because it speaks of the beginning of time and of human history.

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